A borderless and always on top viewer for video on demand services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video on your Windows Desktop.

A simple application that embeds Internet Explorer in a borderless and always on top window so that you can watch Netflix or other video on demand services while working.





  • Always on top
  • Border less window (Toolbar appears when moving the mouse over the top of the window)
  • Quick Navigation between different VOD-Services
  • Configurable services (Add your own VOD-Websites)
  • It's free!


The Toolbar in Detail:



How to edit VOD-Sites in the Toolbar?

Click on the gear icon in the toolbar to open the Settings-Window:

Enter the VOD-Sites into the text box in the following format:

  • One VOD-Website per line.
  • Separate Name and Url with tabulator or semicolon.
  • The Site in the first line is the default one.


Feedback or Suggestions?

Please write me an email to janko.buve at gmail dot com



2017/04/25 - v1.0.9.0
Netflix login problem fixed (Browser User Agent changed)


Download MSI Installer

Current Version



System Requirements

Current Version of
Internet Explorer

Windows 8, 10

.NET 4.5



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